WpTwin Review By Ben Murray – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution And Ultimate Marketing Weapon

WpTwin Review By Ben Murray – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution And Ultimate Marketing Weapon

WpTwin By Ben Murray – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution And Ultimate Marketing Weapon.

WP Twin allows you to create affiliate websites or local biz websites for clients in just a couple of clicks.

Now, you can bypass hours, days, or even weeks of manual labor and instantly set up a perfect clone of any website you want in seconds to rank for different long-tail keywords…

Wp Twin is the original, most updated, and still most powerful site backup, restore, move, and clone solution out there today.

This cloud app allows users to quickly backup and restore an entire site, including all plugins, content, WP core, you name it… on any domain you wish on from any device, no matter how big or sophisticated the site is.

While there have been some clone knockoffs come and go, Wp Twin has stood the test of time and has been successfully deployed on over 2 million sites and been rigorously updated to work with the newest WordPress and site technologies

Wp Twin will be teaching you how to actually make money with WP Twin and giving you DFY ‘niche affiliate sites’ and ‘offline biz’ sites that can clone over and over with the software right on the front end, too.

You’ll get full optimized niche sites with the top plugins, correct permalinks, content, and more, ready to clone and resell to ‘brick and mortar’ clients…

…or clone for different longtail keywords as affiliates.

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WpTwin Review By Ben Murray – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution And Ultimate Marketing Weapon

WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review

WpTwin Features:

    Don’t settle for using a backup plugin that will go down along with your site! It doesn’t matter what you use to backup, clone, and deploy your sites… as long as you have an Internet connection you can do it.
    Upload WP Twin to your site, go there, and click clone. That’s it… you’re done! Download your clone file or if you want to restore later, just upload your WP Twin clone file and click deploy
    Everything you want on your WP site can be cloned. Posts, pages,comments, permalinks, etc. Everything!
    Let’s say you update to the latest version of WordPress and your blog breaks. What do you do? Well, if you cloned the older version – you can easily restore it. Doesn’t matter what version you started or ended with.
    While 98.7% of plugins and softwares die within a year of their launch, we have been constantly updating WP Twin with the latest technology so you can be assured it will work perfectly now, and forever.
    Instead of going through the manual process of creating niche sites… imagine cloning successful sites for different longtail keywords with one click!
    Doesn’t matter if you use WishList Member, Optimize Press or another membership site builder with 1 or 100 levels. You can clone the entire thing for a new product with just one click!
    Want to sell to offline based stores? Set up a perfect dentist optimizes WP site and sell it over & over again to different businesses with just a click.
    You can easily move your WP site to a new host or new domain in just a few clicks of a button.
    Rapid Crush, Inc has trained support agents operating the desk at all times so you’re guaranteed to get a response to any question fast… often under 1 hour!

Back-up and clone your WordPress website in just 4 clicks:

  • Upload the clone script to your WordPress site.

    WpTwin Review
    WpTwin Review
  • Click a button to clone your WordPress site

    WpTwin Review
    WpTwin Review
  • Download the clone to your computer and upload to any site to deploy it.

    WpTwin Review
    WpTwin Review
  • Click to launch your clone on your new domain and marvel in delight at how easy it is

    WpTwin Review
    WpTwin Review

Look at the money you could be making with Wp Twin:

  • Want to rank your affiliate niche site for a different keyword?
    Just clone it and upload to a new domain!
  • Need to make a new membership site for a different product, but don’t want to start from scratch?
    Just clone your membership and upload to a new directory or new domain, switch out your products, and you’re ready to go!
  • Need a new sales letter, OTO pages, download pages for your next launch?
    Just clone them, change the text and buy buttons, and     you’re ready to start taking orders!
  • Want to sell websites to offline businesses?
    Set up a great looking niche site like a fully optimized site for local dentists, lawyers, chiropractors, etc. and clone them over and over for new clients with no extra work needed. Now you can use this simple clone to win dozens more clients and pocket tons of extra cash each week!

WP Twin is the most powerful clone tool available today, allowing you to:

  • Clone your entire website in just 4 clicks … just upload WP Twin to your site, click clone from the settings, and boom…you’ve just created a carbon copy of your website, including all your pages, posts, apps, settings, data, content, comments, plugins, active and inactive themes, users, media, WP core, and your entire WP database…all safely cloned, ready to move to another domain or server if your current website ever goes down.
  • Simple restore … restore your cloned website in seconds, by uploading your WP Twin clone file to the WordPress installation folder inside your cPanel then going to your site and clicking Deploy. That’s it!
  • Works with all versions of WordPress … and constantly updated to be bug free and reliable! Your purchase today even comes with 12 months of support and updates!
  • Clone any size website … no time-outs or crashing from trying to clone a website over 2GB. WP Twin can effortlessly clone the biggest websites on the net, in seconds.
  • Works on any device … Mac, PC, iPhone, Android compatible (basically anything with a web browser!), so you can always backup and clone your website, whenever you need to!
  • NOT a plugin … WP Twin is not a plugin, so it can’t crash and leave you high n’ dry (if you’re using a cloner plugin and your website crashes, that plugin will also become useless!)

Check Here:
WpTwin Review By Ben Murray – The Best, Time-Tested Site Backup And Restore Solution And Ultimate Marketing Weapon

WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review

Get WpTwin right now and you’re getting 6 done-for-you websites that you can clone with WP Twin and start making money with tomorrow!

WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review
WpTwin Review


“All I can say Finally! This is easy to use.
I have been putting of building my niche site because of the time involved getting the WP site set up
Now I have one main site with all the plugins setup I can create site lightning fast.” – Kevin C.

“WP Twin is an incredible time saver! I really appreciate the simplicity of how easy it is to clone a WordPress site.
In the event my sites ever get hacked or have some other catastrophic failure, I can be up and running again, in a matter of minutes, without loosing a post or a comment! What a safety net!site lightning fast.” – Bob L.

“It was SIMPLE and actually fun. I was unsure how it would handle my site – it is large and has a lot of images.
WP Twin handled all 4GB of my site with ease. I was able to use it to move my site from one hosting provider to another.
Without this tool, I would have spent WAAAAAY too much time migrating on my own. I think that I was able to enjoy my weekend instead of have the headache.” – Mike P.

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