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10xSocial By Neil Napier Review – BRAND NEW Tech Collects Permission-Based Emails & Phone Numbers From Facebook & Helps Deliver More Sales With SMS & Emails!

10xSocial By Neil Napier – BRAND NEW Tech Collects Permission-Based Emails & Phone Numbers From Facebook & Helps Deliver More Sales With SMS & Emails!

10xSocial is The First-Ever ‘Video Messenger Marketing’ App created By Neil Napier. This is a messenger marketing app that combines the power of videos, SMS & Emails to get 10x more leads, sales, and results. There have been many “basic” messenger apps released in the past, but nothing that goes across niches and helps get sales as long as they have a trickle of traffic. And if they don’t have that, the app helps generate traffic as well.

10xSocial was designed to help you create customized video messenger campaigns and revenue. You can create such campaigns for clients in any niche and charge them top dollar for your services.

10xSocial has been created with your success and comfort at its core. Send your PERSONALIZED VIDEOS directly from inside the dash … put your offers in front of billions of users actively looking for specific solutions. Turn every video into a sales page doing the selling for you.

Simply pick a video and customize it with drag-n-drop ease to your heart’s content… …and hit ‘Send’. No need to burn your hard-earned money trying to get more customers. No more waiting for weeks to get a decent video made… Just select a video and get started right now.

Your success is important to us. So, to make sure you get off to a flying start. We have included many bonuses including additional training to show you the best use cases with 10xSociall.

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10xSocial By Neil Napier Review – BRAND NEW Tech Collects Permission-Based Emails & Phone Numbers From Facebook & Helps Deliver More Sales With SMS & Emails!

10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier
10xSocial By Neil Napier

10xSocial Features:

  • Send Broadcasts Messages
    Stay Informed
    Send video messages with call to action buttons to all your contacts.
    Voice Message
    Record your voice and send or schedule to your contacts
    Audio Message
    Send your podcasts, music and any audio recording to everyone that engages with you via live chat.Text To Speech
    Convert any text into audio in any language… and schedule it as a response in a chat. We have built-in more than 50 voices both male and female to choose from…and support well over 60 languages.
  • Facebook Auto Responder
    Now respond to users comments on your fan page with highly interactive content that will enable you to build a list very fast.
    This A.I powered Facebook Auto Messenger Responder turns your posts into a hot traffic driving and selling point.
    Easily Set-Up your own marketing funnel design…
    Set up a Messenger drip campaign to welcome and nurture new visitors & leads.
    – Ask them questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.
    – Turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts!
    – Invite them to stay in touch as a subscriber.
    – Shorten Your Facebook page listed response time dramatically— and gain more trust!
    – Send them info about your products, services and promotions.
    – Turn your page fans into leads by sending follow-up messages to!
    This is PERFECT for:
    – Contests And Giveaways
    Announce your contest with an organic Facebook post.
    Attach an autoresponder to that post and anybody who comments to enter will get messages in Messenger, helping you collect instant contact info and powerful leads.
    – Relationship And Brand Building
    People turn to Facebook for enjoyment, and these posts allow you to run fun little games to build relationships.
    – Lead Qualification
    Use a comment guard on a Facebook post that asks people to comment to get a resource, guide or download.
    Set up the chatbot response to ask qualifying questions of your new contacts so you can score your leads!
  • Post Composer
    We have… hands-down the most powerful Facebook list building and traffic post creator.
    Effortlessly create an engaging and interactive post and instantly convert any visitor into a subscriber.
    CTA Video messenger post
    Create sexy VIDEO AD POSTS FOR FREE and fully take advantage of Facebook messenger and videos to tap into organic traffic like never before.
    CTA image post:
    Create a FREE FACEBOOK IMAGE ad post to trigger a conversation between your chatbot and a visitor.
  • Chat widget
    These are tools that make it easy for visitors, prospects or customers to start conversations with you from your website or email communications, or offline media such as fliers and in-store signs and ads.
    This tool helps users to expand and re-engage their audience.
    10xSocial comes with built-in:
    – Chat Plugin
    – m.me Links
    – Send to Messenger Plugin
    – Checkbox Plugin
    – Message Us Plugin
  • Post Finder
    Import your Facebook ads posts and organic posts and set up comment guards, recover leads and broadcast promotional content to subscribers

10xSocial Key Features:

  • Send broadcast messages – video message, audio message, voice message, image message, carousel message, survey message..
  • Schedule/Send follow up SMS with just 1 click
  • Schedule/Send follow up emails
  • Text to speech converter in any language
  • Chatbot AI – reply to contacts who message you on your phone or emails during chat
  • Post Composer – the most powerful Facebook list building and traffic post creator.
  • Personalized Avatars – introduce a virtual “persona” into the thread. The persona may be backed by a human agent or a bot.
  • Comment Guards – respond to users comments on your fan page with highly interactive contents that will enable you to build a list very fast.
  • Chat Widget – this tool makes it easy for visitors, prospects or customers to start conversations with you from your website
  • Recover Leads
  • One click seamless integration with SMS providers
  • Easily connects with any major autoresponder
  • Post Finder
  • Share to other FB groups
  • Facebook Hidden Video Finder – search hidden 1000s of relevant videos in every niche from Facebook.
  • Tags – target and segment subscribers automatically
  • Post Embed – boost post reach by embedding posts on websites, blogs and business pages.

10xSocial 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1:Customize
    Simply point-n-click to customize. Add Call-to-action using the built-in drag-n-drop editor
  • Step 2: Upload Video
    Upload Or Reuse One Of Millions of Videos On Facebook
  • Step 3: 1-Click Send
    Send it via Facebook Messenger and get paid [All recipients receive an optimized version of the video, no matter what connected device they use]

10xSocial Benefits:

  • Send Or Schedule Behavioural Messenger Video Messages
  • Record Your Voice Or Convert Text To Speech And ENGAGE With Leads On Complete Autopilot
  • Combine The Power Of Messenger & Video To Get Your Clients Record Engagement & Conversions
  • 100% Conversion Rate Ensures You Never Lose Traffic, Lead And Sales Again On Facebook.
  • SPEACIAL BONUS: Sell Video Messenger Campaigns At Your Desired Price And Revenue

10xSocial Works For:

  • Product creators
    Showcase their new product(s) or new feature(s)
  • Video Marketers
    Promote their video ads directly via Messenger
  • Restaurants
    Give their FANS a sneak-preview of their new dishes…
  • Hotels
    Send FANS a video of their property, facilities, rooms, restaurants, pool…
  • Digital Products
    Show a demo of their new apps to their FANS on Facebook
  • Affiliate Marketers
    Show a demo video of their Affiliate Offers
  • Salons
    Promote new offers/services
  • Influencers
    Promote new promo videos to FANS
  • Designers
    Showcase their new designs, end of season sales…
  • Vloggers
    Share their new vlog
  • Spas
    Show the ambience and services
  • YouTubers
    Share their new video
  • Dentists/Vets
    Show their clinics…
  • Architects
    Showcase their projects
  • Chiropractors
    Send their customer testimonials
  • Interior Designers
    Show their new room designs
  • Car Dealers
    Show their new cars, announce special deals
  • Life Coaches
    Promote their events
  • Realtors
    Show new properties
  • Gyms
    Show the facilities, and customer testimonials
  • Musicians
    Promote their events and work
  • Clubs
    Promote special deals

10xSocial Related Product:

10xSocial Bonus:

  • Bonus 1: Training Sessions: Making 6-Figure With 10xSocial
    When you purchase 10xSocial today, you also unlock access to our 3-part bonus session series. In each session, we will go deeper into 10xSocial, sharing with you effective ways in which you can monetize your messenger marketing. This alone is worth 5x what you will pay today, and it’s yours for free!
  • Bonus 2: Email List Building Strategy – Valued at $297
    Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you the best strategies to build your list and create a long-term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again!
  • Bonus 3: Video Script Template – Valued at $297
    Create compelling marketing videos with ease! Earning sales and generating leads can now be done really fast with our Do-it-for-You Video Script. Your videos engage your viewers and compel them to take action!

10xSocial helps you send Personal Video Messages And Email Follow-ups Inside Facebook Messenger Automatically. You are getting the Commercial License at no extra cost with your purchase today. This allows you to pitch and sell these Video Messenger Campaigns as a service to your clients and charge top dollar for it. You are going to be BLOWN away with all the amazing features and technologies.

The best part? You can get 10xSocial for a JAW DROPPING low one-time “early bird” price that is the LOWEST price you can ever get it at. Grab 10xSocial Now!

MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek Review – World’s Best Email Marketing Software That Generates More Opens, More Clics Hand Down.


MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek Review – World’s Best Email Marketing Software That Generates More Opens, More Clics Hand Down.

MailZingo is World’s No.1 & Most Powerful Email Marketing Software that I am using for my own business and enjoying maximum delivery. It’s like setting up your own autoresponder like Aweber without paying monthly and gives full control over Email marketing in just 3 simple steps. You can import unlimited lists and make use of all other features that our IM space needs.

It is completely user-friendly and will enable your subscribers to send unlimited emails as well as follow-up with their leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues. They can also see the complete real time activity of subscribers, and find out which particular campaigns are giving best results.

So, just imagine how your subscribers would feel if you provide them the untapped power to turn leads into buyers with the click of a button. There is zero grunt work involved as this software is fully tried and tested and will provide boatloads of dollars from your email marketing campaigns with minimum time and money invested.

It’s the ultimate chance for your subscribers to automate their email marketing campaigns and get more mails delivered straight to the inbox you make insane commissions by tomorrow morning.

MailZingo Pro Plan Review

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MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek Review – World’s Best Email Marketing Software That Generates More Opens, More Clics Hand Down.

MailZingo Pro Plan Review

MailZingo Pro Plan Steps :
#1 – Upload :
To begin with, all you need to do is upload your subscribers into this monster without any restrictions and setup a full high-converting campaign instantly.
#2 – Send Mails :
Now, MailZingo gets into active mode and sends unlimited mails to your subscribers completely hands free.
#3 – Enjoy More Leads and Money :
That’s it. All hard work is done. Now just sit back and relax and watch profits grow leaps and bounds

MailZingo Pro Plan Review


MailZingo Pro Plan Review


MailZingo Pro Plan Review

MailZingo Pro Plan Features :

  • Import Unlimited Subscribers without even losing a single email ID :
    MailZingo enables you to import unlimited subscribers list and the best part is that you won’t lose even a single ID in the process. So, you can mail freely to your subscribers without any restrictions whatsoever. Most email marketing service providers charge a hefty fees for importing your lists so stop paying a huge monthly rental just to keep your list even if you don’t mail them. They also need double optin before allowing to import so you lose anywhere from 20-30% of your subscribers. But with MailZingo, all that will become a case of the bygone era.
  • Send Unlimited Mails Instantly or Schedule Them for Later :
    Yes, sky is the limit for mailing with MailZingo. It allows you to send unlimited emails or newsletters with your own SMTP service and get rid of endless complications of email marketing. Just configure SMTP settings once and forget about it forever.
  • Generate more potential subscribers with our attractive in-built lead form :
    Lead forms are the simplest way to generate qualified leads and build a huge base of cash paying customers for your business. Keeping this in mind, MailZingo helps you to grab attention of more and more subscribers on your blog, c-commerce sites or WordPress sites with an eye-catchy lead generation form. All you need to do is: copy one line of code and paste it on your site.
  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate :
    Opens and clicks give you an accurate idea about how your campaign is performing. Today all the marketers want to get their mails delivered in inbox, clicked and opened on time and that is what MailZingo made for. It increases your delivery, click and open rate and gives you full control on your campaigns.
  • Reduce bounce rate :
    Higher bounce spoils your image and get murky with every bounce. With MailZingo, you can get rid of all the bounced and spammed mails. MailZingo automatically remove mails that were counted as bounce and make your list clear without any grunt work.
  • Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor to craft best emails :
    You can create simple text emails or html emails with our LIVE Inline editor feature to send best emails for maximum engagement. This is all built to attract, capture, nurture and convert your potential prospect.
  • Work Seamlessly with Almost Every SMTP servers :
    It works great with almost every smtp out there to send your emails fast. It like put your details & you’re good to use it right away. You also can setup your own SMTP within seconds.
  • You also get our Inbuilt SMTP :
    If you don’t want to buy any SMTP server, don’t worry, it automatically creates an SMTP on your hosting server. Just choose Inbuilt SMTP option & enjoy sending emails completely FREE. Even you can throttle & set how many emails per hour you want to send according to your hosting company policy.
  • MailZingo is CAN SPAM compliant :
    It provide one-click unsubscribe feature that is user-friendly and helps to greatly reduce spam complaints and built your better send reputation.
  • Manage your subscribers hassle-free :
    MailZingo offers you the easiest way to find, filter or clean your subscribers in never-ending lists. You can find out a subscriber out of a list of thousands of thousands with just 1 click. Track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list in no time with MailZingo.
  • All-in- one self-hosted web based email marketing software :
    MailZingo is built on the idea to deliver maximum quality, ease and efficiency. And to make it simpler we made it self-hosted web based platform. You just need to install it and MailZingo is all yours for life time. Guys you will be thrilled by numbers of features that are offering to you to make your email marketing simple and fun.
  • Boost sales and increase revenue :
    Email marketing is taking the word by storm and if you are searching the right way to send best emails to attract more customers, MailZingo is the best among rest. You could send a free whitepaper, more information on your products, “subscriber-only” discount, or even personize mails to contend your customers for taking action. Your imagination and creativity really are the only limits and you have endless opportunities to increase your ROI.
  • Personalize your mails to get high opening rates :
    Now this is something that will really prove to be of great worth for your marketing efforts. Personalization of emails is the best and easiest way to get attention of your subscribers, with MailZingo, you can personalize your every email to every subscriber to get high open rates.
  • Create long-term relationship with your subscribers with beautiful newsletters :
    Always try to keep in touch with your subscribers to create a strong relationship with them. You can send newsletters to update them about your products or upcoming launches.
    You can redirect them on your blog or website to keep your brand in their mind.
  • 100% newbie friendly and fully automated :
    Effective email marketing is all about sending right email to right people at right time and our software team has got everything covered and made it no hands software. With the robust features of MailZingo, you have the complete freedom to automate your email marketing. The software delivers automated, one-to-one messages across all of your marketing channels and even a newbie can manage his email marketing campaign without any hassle.
  • No monthly fees or additional charges :
    If you are a newbie and starting out with email marketing, then sending mails can be a costly affair. They charge you like wildfire and you have to provide a heavy monthly fee just to reach out to your email list. But MailZingo is hands down the best email marketing software available today that charges no recurring fee and allows you to send unlimited emails with just one click.
  • Designed by Marketers for Marketers :
    MailZingo has been built from the ground up to be A-Z marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the software with no technical hassles, and get best results without any complications.
  • Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything Easy For You :
    Yep, we know software can get complex. And while MailZingo is DEAD easy to use, we wanted to make 100% sure it’s accessible to everyone and everyone can make money with it. That’s why we did 2 things:
    #1 We’ve added in-depth video training for every feature so you can always look at the RIGHT way to do things
    #2 We’re also offering 24*7 on-going support so you’re always just a message away from having your problem solved. 

Demo :


Related Product :

  • Upsell 1 MailZingo Elite :
    Elite Edition is packed with solid features that your subscribers will surely love. Now, with Advanced Segregation managing subscribers will become a cakewalk on the basis of suppression list, messages etc. We are also providing 10 email templates that will help to boost conversion rates.
  • Upsell 2 MailZingo Enterprise :
    he Enterprise edition is packed with GOLD features. Your subscribers can get complete control on their email marketing campaigns and get detailed analytics about their campaigns, and multiply their PROFITS with virtually no extra efforts.
  • Upsell 3 Complete Resellers Rights :
    This is a mind blowing deal as we are providing RESELLER license to MailZingo, and now your subscribers can SELL MailZingo to anyone they want & they get to KEEP 100% of the PROFITS. They don’t have to do anything, just collect their 100% profit and find a way to spend it.

Testimonial :

  • Want to get complete control on your email marketing campaigns and kick out those money sucking autoresponders? Dr. Amit is here for you, my friends. MailZingo will surely take the industry by the storm and will help marketers to generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. Yet another killer product from Dr. Amit and his techno-savvy team – Ian del Carmen, CeMC, Certified eMarketing Consultant Internet Marketing Standards Board, http://IDCIBC.com
  • as a marketer, I was searching inexpensive and simple way to promote my product and send multiple mails to my list. Thankfully I purchased MailZingo. It’s truly for marketers plus, it’s a one-time fee now I don’t have to pay 1000s of dollars monthly to keep my list safe. It comes with a strong recommendation from me! Two-thumbs up guys, go for it TODAY – Santosh Singh
  • MailZingo is a must-have for any and every online marketer, as it makes it extremely easy to handle email marketing. This is the NO BRAINER and you must not give a second thought on this one guys. Grab it before he raises the prices forever – – John Delavera

MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo.

This review intends to reveal how MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek works. We recommend you to purchase it. This Product include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. For further information you can check directly to the vendor website by pointing and clicking the link below. Get it HERE !!!

Get Here :
MailZingo Pro Plan by Dr. Amit Pareek Review – World’s Best Email Marketing Software That Generates More Opens, More Clics Hand Down.